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Interested in becoming a member of our club? First checkout the pages here on our website to see if you think our club is going to suit you. Still interested? Great! Contact Us for future Club Trips and meetings.


To become a member you will need to;


  • Attend 2 Club Meetings

  • Attend 1 Club Trip

  • Be nominated by a current club member

  • Have you nomination voted on and accepted by other club members

  • Pay Club Membership of $50 per year


There are many great reasons to becoming a member of a 4wd Club. The opportunity to meet and spend time with like minded people and enjoy 4wdriving and getting out in the bush is just one. You also get to go 4wdriving in the safety of a group, most of whom are experienced 4wdrivers with good knowledge of local tracks. As we are a member of 4wd Tasmania you would get the opportunity to actively participate in maintaining tracks and working alongside government bodies to keep tracks open. 



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